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Going home

Today Im headed home from a week long vaction with my parents. Just for the sake of knowing what im talking about 3months for now, I had headed to my parents after a pretty horrible week dealing with a new roommate, who was off her meds, off her rocker, and made everyone miserable. She did go back to the hospital and hopefuly she will get better. To be fair, I could have been more understanding, but I did try my best by atleast trying to ignore most of her psycho/nonsense comments. The good thing about coming to my parents is I had at least one more peek at what I had in the storage shed, so I know what i have and what I will have to get for my new apt. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with this site, I realy do like it. More later this week.

Colors of the season

Today I  went for a drive. I loved seeing the green of the evergreens guarding the trees dressed in lovely color.  The amber waves of grain are still alive in the cooling weather. The John deer tractors with their shine green exteriorors wait to be used one last time before being tucked away for the winter. The cows munch  on the last of the green grass. I think i will miss the colors when winter comes,but will dream of the green to come as spring comes around as it surely will.

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